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Facilitating renewables for a brighter future

Arava Power is a pioneer solar-field developer that has been producing green energy for the past 15 years.

Arava Power Company pioneered utility-scale solar fields in Israel in 2007. We are one of the most experienced and reputable developers/IPPs in the local clean energy market.

With 15 years of experience in lobbying, developing, managing and improving every aspect of PV projects, Arava Power has remained at the forefront of energy transition, delivering on the promise of clean, sustainable energy to power our planet’s future.

Our Experience

Arava Power develops, builds, owns and operates solar power projects, while maintaining and improving performance through excellence in development, technological innovation and advanced asset management operations.

We retain ownership, in full or as partner, in all the projects we’re involved in, ensuring alignment of interests and reinforcing our responsibility for their continued success. Arava Power’s expertise and years of experience have allowed us to build a highly profitable portfolio and ensure that as long as the sun keeps shining the power keeps flowing.

Our Portfolio

In addition to continually maintaining and improving our asset base, Arava Power has built a multi-GW development portfolio in Israel and the U.S, across utility scale PV and BESS, Agrivoltaics and Distributed Energy Systems.

Arava Power continues to promote increased integration of renewable energy sources and reduction of reliance on fossil fuels. We are proud to be in the vanguard of the battle against global climate change, while providing outstanding performance to our investors and partners.

Our Future

Our Team

From hi-tech executives to business developers, Arava Power’s senior management boasts an impressive track record of entrepreneurship, investment acumen and commercial success.

Years of Experience

Developed solar PV projects since 2007

120+ MW


300+ MW

Owned and operated by Arava Power

Produced annually

180g Whr

Our Numbers

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